Apply for Dependent Child Visitor Visa

Obtaining a dependent child visitor visa is a top priority for parents who are residing in New Zealand and their child is in another country. But there are several requirements involved in the procedure, which might be complicated for you to handle alone. At ASIC, we help parents understand the many options so they can reunite with their kids as soon as possible.

Read this page for more information regarding age requirements and other eligibility for the dependent child visa NZ. Once you think that your dependent child or children meet all the requirements, you can contact us to book an initial consultation.

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We know that the immigration paperwork can be overwhelming, so we are here to make the process of acquiring dependent children visa simple and hassle-free. Understanding different requirements, age ranges, and visa types is necessary to learn the complexities of dependent child visas in New Zealand.

Dependent Child Visitor Visa

To achieve successful immigration and a seamless family reunification procedure, it is crucial to carefully consider each alternative. To manage the complexity of these visa processes, families looking to reunite in New Zealand should seek professional advice.

We are your local immigration consultants in New Zealand who can guide you on every aspect of your move. From understanding legal complexities and cultural diversity to living in the land of Kiwis, we are your partners in the journey. Your relationship with us extends beyond that of a client to our extended family, and your successes become our shared victories.

Understanding Dependent Children Visas

Including dependent children in a parent's visa application for New Zealand is an important step. Children who are single, financially reliant on their parents, and within certain age ranges may be eligible for inclusion in their parent's visa application. These age ranges vary depending on the type of visa and the parent's visa status.

Temporary visa age requirements:

• Children under the age of 17 (If they are financially reliant on their parents and single)

• 18 to 19-year-old children (if they are unmarried, have no children of their own, and depend on their parents financially)

• Children who are over 20 are ineligible to apply for a visiting or student visa based on their relationship with their parents or to be included in their parents' visitor visa applications. They might still be able to submit a separate visa application, though.

Resident visa age requirements:

• Children under 17 (If they are single)

• Children aged 18-20 (If they are single and do not have children of their own)

• Children aged 21-24 (If they are single, without children of their own, and financially reliant on a parent or parents)

• It is important to note that dependent children must also meet health, character, and financial requirements.

Who Can Apply For Visa

You or your dependent children can apply for the dependent child visitor visa NZ application by providing the proof of relationship.

Your dependent children should also meet any one of the following requirements:

• If your dependent children already have a visa

• If they are applying for the visa for the first time

• If they are already a New Zealand citizen or resident.

Keep in mind that your dependent children can only visit New Zealand on this visa, they are not eligible for acquiring accredited employer NZ work visas.

Also, remember that your children must be single and dependent on you in terms of financial support.

Visa Categories and Considerations

Dependent children may be included in their parent's visitor visa application if they meet the specified criteria. Additionally, they could apply for a visa based on their relationship to their parents, provided the parent has a temporary visa, is applying for one, or is a New Zealand resident or citizen. However, it's important to remember that dependent children are not eligible for work visas.

Further options are available for those with New Zealand citizen parents or resident parents. Dependent children may qualify for a resident visa under the dependent child category or a visitor dependent child of a New Zealand citizen/resident visa, allowing a maximum stay of 9 months.

Essential skills work visa holders can support visitor or student visas for dependent children, provided they meet the minimum income requirement of NZ$43,322.76 per year.

Contact ASIC for Dependent Child Visa

Consult with immigration experts at ASIC who can offer advice, assessments, and guidance if you intend to apply for a dependent child visa, as they can help you avoid common traps. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you want a thorough explanation of the dependent children's visa category and personalised assistance throughout the application procedure.


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Whether it is a skilled migrant visa, work to residence visa, work visa, essential skills work visa, residence visa or something else that you require, our fully licensed immigration advisers can provide you with up to date information  and walk you  through advice.

Below is a list of the visas and migration options that we can help you with.

Work Visa

Visitor Visa

Assists you in coming over to New Zealand for a holiday or to stay in New Zealand temporarily. It is usually for visiting friends and relatives as well as sightseeing or could be for a dependent of a work visa or a student visa holder.

Visitor Visa

Student Visa

This enables a client to gain primary, secondary as well as tertiary education in New Zealand.  Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited liaises with various recognised Tertiary Institutions to assist in career development in many occupations

Student Visa NZ

Work Visa

This could be through a job offer from a New Zealand employer, gaining Study to Work Instructions through a Graduate Job Search Visa or a Graduate work experience visa, joining a New Zealand resident or citizen as a partner or joining a student or work visa holder.

Residence Visa

A resident visa allows you to travel to and enter New Zealand anytime and allows you to stay in New Zealand Indefinitely.

Family/Partner Catagory Visa

Involves all types of visa applications. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

Skilled Migrant Visa

See the new changes to legislation for 2022/23

Paretnal Residence Visa

See the new changes to legislation for 2022/23

Special Cases

Pacific Access Category

New Zealand welcomes a number of citizens from the Pacific to settle in New Zealand each year.

Section 61 - Unlawful overstay

New Zealand welcomes a number of citizens from the Pacific to settle in New Zealand each year.

Domestic Violence

In cases of domestic violence, Immigration New Zealand may grant a special visa to allow continued stay in the country.

Deportation & Appeals

Deportation can be triggered by a number of factors. Let the team at ASIC see your situation and help.

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