Why should I use a licensed immigration adviser?

According to the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 a person may provide immigration advice to someone only if the former is licensed under this Act to provide that advice or if he/she is exempted from the requirement to be licensed under section 11 of this Act.

Why should I choose Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited?

Auckland South Immigration Consultants provide free consultation available even after hours. They assist in making immigration a stress free experience.


Atesh Narayan is a fully qualified and experienced Licensed Immigration Adviser who takes passion in his work providing various immigration-related services, such as document certifications and NZQA assessments from a one-stop service center. The staff is friendly and always willing to update the client at each stage in the visa application process.

Why does my qualification/occupation require New Zealand assessment?

There are certain countries and universities for which the New Zealand Qualifications Authority requires an assessment to be carried out to determine the level of study in New Zealand. This assists in the further study as well as increases employment opportunities.

Does my occupation in New Zealand require registration?

Certain occupations in New Zealand such as architects, dentists, financial advisers, school teachers, physiotherapists and so on require registration with the relevant registration authorities. This is a mandatory requirement as far as work visa or expression of interest is concerned.

What will make me eligible to apply for New Zealand permanent residency? What is the difference between a resident visa and a permanent resident visa?

To be eligible for permanent residency in New Zealand, you must have held a resident visa for 2 years uninterrupted. If your resident visa contains a condition such as sponsorship period of up to 5 years, you will not be eligible to apply for permanent residency until 5 years from the date of issue of your resident visa.

 The only difference between a resident visa and a permanent resident visa is travel conditions while traveling in and out of New Zealand. Please visit the resident visa page under Immigration Services for more information.

What are the criteria to get a New Zealand work visa?

 Immigration New Zealand allows for various work visa categories to suit your requirements. You may choose to work temporarily on the basis of a working holiday visa, partnership work visa, essential skills work visa, specific purpose or event work visa or work to resident program.

What do you mean by labor market checks?

An immigration office considers that the employer has made genuine attempts to recruit a New Zealand citizen or resident to fulfill the position. In the verification stage, the immigration case officer will contact Work & Income New Zealand (WINZ) to find out if the vacancy has been registered with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). Furthermore, the employer must provide evidence of external advertising e.g. through Seek, TradeMe, local newspapers, etc. that provides evidence of genuine attempts carried out.

What are the requirements to get a visitor visa and how long may I live in New Zealand as a visitor?

To visit New Zealand you must be a bona fide* applicant and meet the requirements of visiting the country for a lawful purpose such as holidaying/sightseeing with friends and/or family, visiting friends and/or family, etc.

 You must also have sufficient funds to show that you can support yourself during the course of your travel period and have clear incentives to return to your country before the expiry of your visa.

 The maximum period for which a visitor visa is granted is 9 months. Should your travel period be for more than 6 months, you will need to undergo a chest x-ray.

 *A bona fide applicant indicates someone who is visiting New Zealand with genuine intent and a lawful purpose.

How long will my visa application take to be processed?

Immigration New Zealand will never give you a fixed timeline for visa applications. It all depends on the following:-

  •  The requirements of the immigration instructions you are applying under
  • The completeness of your application
  • The ease of checking the information provided by you
  • The promptness of your response should INZ raise any queries regarding your application
  • The office where your visa application has been sent for processing

 As per usual standards, INZ may either decide the outcome of your application or inform you of the processing time within 14 days.

How may I be eligible for a visa waiver?

A visa fee waiver can be granted only to applicants who are granted a special visa under the category of victims of domestic violence. However, this is solely at the discretion of the immigration officer.

Can I work on a student visa?

Yes. International students are permitted to work and gain experience in addition to supporting their education and living expenses while in New Zealand. INZ allows students to work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) and full time during scheduled breaks and holidays or as per course requirements.

 If your visa does not have this condition permitting you to work, you may apply for Variation of Conditions to work in New Zealand. 

My visa application has been declined in the past. Am I eligible to re-apply? If yes, what must I do to ensure visa approval this time?

Yes. However, in your new visa application, you must declare that your visa was declined in the past and must be able to justify the reasons for the decline and attempt to improve/reform your circumstances. You may also seek professional assistance and advice from a lawyer or a licensed immigration adviser such as Auckland South Immigration Consultants.

My visa expires soon. What should I do?

You must hold a valid visa to live/work in New Zealand at all times. You should apply for a temporary visa at least 2 weeks before the expiry of your current visa so that you can be granted an interim visa to make your stay in New Zealand lawful.

What is an interim visa?

An interim visa is issued to an applicant until the time that his/her temporary visa is being processed by INZ. This is done to make a person lawful in the country. Once a decision has been made on the application, the interim visa ceases to be effective. 

My residence is still in process but my temporary work visa is to expire soon. What should I do?

If your temporary work visa is soon to expire, you must renew it immediately. Failure to do this will mean that you are at the risk of being deported and may not be given the reasons by the immigration officer for the same.

 If your temporary work visa has expired and you have a residence application in process, the decision on the residence visa will be suspended until you change your visa status to become lawful in the country.

My passport is about to expire and I want to travel. What should I do?

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months prior to your travel date. If it is less than this get it renewed NOW.

How do I transfer my visa label onto my new passport?

Under INZ guidelines, you must transfer your visa to your new passport in the event that your passport has expired or is lost/stolen. You may choose to apply for an e-visa or label-less visa either temporarily till your new passport is issued or permanently. 

 We can assist you with the process of transferring your visa in to the new passport.

I would like to come and undertake research for a specific business opportunity in New Zealand. What category should I apply under?

You should apply for a Specific Purpose or Event Work Visa.

I have been granted a limited visa for the express purpose of attending an event (e.g. birthday, wedding, funeral, etc.). Can I extend it?

No. You must exit New Zealand on or before the expiry date of your current visa.

What is the visa status of a child born in New Zealand?

A child born in New Zealand cannot automatically be considered a New Zealand citizen if the parent(s) are not New Zealand citizens. Such a child is required to hold a valid visa depending upon the visa status of the parent(s) when the child is born. A child without a valid visa will be deemed unlawful until the time he/she is granted a visitor visa under Section 61.

How can I pay for your service fees?

You may pay our service fees in cash, or by direct credit into our account (in special circumstances, we can assist with payment terms or introductions to finance brokers).

 You can also pay your immigration fees by credit card.

 We will quote you for the full fees at the time of your consultation. 

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