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Extend your love and care to your elders by having them by your side during their golden years. If you’re a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, Grandparent Visa NZ offers you a wonderful opportunity to sponsor your grandparents. This visa allows for multiple entries over a three-year period, granting them the chance to visit and stay with you.

Contact us today to initiate the process and we do our best to bring your grandparents to New Zealand, so they can enjoy life alongside you.

The Perks Of Grandparent Visa

This type of visitor visa offers the flexibility of multiple visits to New Zealand, allowing your parents and grandparents to stay a maximum of 18 months within a 3-year period. The maximum stay time for each visit is 6 months.

With the Grandparent visitor visa, your elderly family members can also enjoy the following benefits:

 Engage in multiple visits to New Zealand

 Spend quality time with their children and grandchildren in New Zealand

 Include their partner in the visitor visa application

 Experience the warmth of interactions with local New Zealand residents

 Embrace the beauty and culture of the country

Grandparent Visa NZ

It's important to remember that this visa type doesn't permit visitors to engage in employment within New Zealand.

Eligibility Criteria for Grandparents Visa

To apply for the grandparent visitor visa NZ, the applicant must meet the following prerequisites:

    • The sponsor must be your grandchild aged at least 17 years or the parent of your grandchild who possesses a NZ residence visa. Sponsors are also verified based on their financial stability, intended length of stay, immigration history, and criminal record.

    • The sponsor is limited to sponsoring either one individual or one family unit (consisting of the principal applicant and their partner) at a given time.

    • The applicant must agree to bear their own healthcare expenses during their stay.

Documents Required For Grandparents Visitor Visa

To apply for grandparents visa, your grandparents must provide the following essential documents:

• Proof of Identity. This includes their passport and two photographs that meet the New Zealand visa photo requirements.

• Health Verification. This entails a chest X-ray and medical examination certificates to establish their good health status.

• Police Certificate (if applicable). If the applicant has spent over six months in New Zealand without submitting a police certificate, they will need to provide one from their home country.

• Intentions to Visit New Zealand which involves providing evidence of their travel history, retirement certification to confirm pension eligibility, a letter detailing family relationships in their home country, proof of the purpose of the visit (visiting children or grandchildren), including their names, contact addresses, phone numbers, and the visa or citizenship status in New Zealand.

• Documenting the sponsorship involves showing the sponsorship arrangement.

• Provide evidence of the family relationship with the sponsor, which may include birth certificates, adoption records, household registration documents, or any other documents validating the relationship to the sponsor.

• Evidence of family relationship to partner which includes marriage or civil union certificates, birth certificates for shared children, or records of joint bank accounts or utilities accounts.

• Healthcare declaration that confirms that the applicant will be able to cover their own healthcare expenses in New Zealand. If this is not feasible, the sponsor is responsible for these costs.

Difference Between Parents Residency Visa & Grandparents Visa

The announcement of the reopening of the Parents Residency Visa brought much excitement to migrants in New Zealand. However, it's important to note that Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will only begin reviewing the first Expressions of Interest in August 2023.

In comparison, the grandparents visitor visa offers several advantages over the parent visa:

Cost: The fees associated with the PGVV are significantly lower than those for the residency visa.

Eligibility: The PGVV extends to grandparents of the New Zealand sponsor, not just parents, broadening the scope of eligible family members.

Processing Time: The PGVV boasts a processing time estimate of 2-3 months. Even after the full reopening of the Parents Residency Visa category in August, INZ's decision-making process may still take several months, potentially even years.

Complexity: The Parents Residency Visa entails a high wage threshold and a commitment by sponsors, accompanied by financial proof.

While both visas require the New Zealand-based child/grandchild to act as a sponsor, the residency application demands stricter adherence to eligibility requirements. Some migrants who unfortunately do not meet the criteria to sponsor a parent for a residency application might still be eligible to sponsor them for a visitor visa.

It's worth noting that both visa options can work in tandem rather than competing with one another. The PGVV offers an avenue for earlier visitation, allowing a reasonable amount of time spent together, while the Resident Visa application undergoes assessment by INZ or the prospective sponsor works towards fulfilling the necessary eligibility criteria.

In essence, considering both visa options can be the most strategic approach for parents, as each complements the other. The PGVV facilitates timely visits, providing an interim solution while the Resident Visa application progresses or the sponsor strives to meet eligibility requirements for application.

Grandparent Visa Consultants At Your Service

While we've provided the crucial information necessary for acquiring a Grandparent Visitor Visa, there are numerous additional vital aspects involved in the visa application process. To ensure the avoidance of potential visa rejections, seeking guidance from local Grandparent visa consultants in New Zealand is crucial.

ASIC holds a wealth of experience in effectively assisting clients with their visa applications. We've successfully helped numerous elderly applicants in visiting New Zealand to share precious moments with their children and grandchildren.


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Assists you in coming over to New Zealand for a holiday or to stay in New Zealand temporarily. It is usually for visiting friends and relatives as well as sightseeing or could be for a dependent of a work visa or a student visa holder.

Visitor Visa

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This enables a client to gain primary, secondary as well as tertiary education in New Zealand.  Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited liaises with various recognised Tertiary Institutions to assist in career development in many occupations

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Residence Visa

A resident visa allows you to travel to and enter New Zealand anytime and allows you to stay in New Zealand Indefinitely.

Family/Partner Catagory Visa

Involves all types of visa applications. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

Skilled Migrant Visa

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Special Cases

Pacific Access Category

New Zealand welcomes a number of citizens from the Pacific to settle in New Zealand each year.

Section 61 - Unlawful overstay

New Zealand welcomes a number of citizens from the Pacific to settle in New Zealand each year.

Domestic Violence

In cases of domestic violence, Immigration New Zealand may grant a special visa to allow continued stay in the country.

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