Many people dream of living and working in New Zealand. This gorgeous country has so many wonders, from the busy streets of Auckland to the absolutely breathtaking sights of our untouched natural landscapes. New Zealand, especially in prominent cities like Auckland, offers migrants heaps of opportunities for steady jobs and enriching experiences.

There are plenty of different visa categories you could consider for the next chapter in your life, and in this article, we’ll be focusing on the Green List category. To put it simply, this list identifies high-demand jobs and offers people who meet certain requirements a clear pathway to work and residency in NZ.

Understanding The Green List

The Green List highlights a select group of highly skilled occupations that are in high demand in New Zealand. These roles are very important jobs that are essential for this country’s economic growth and development. 

The Green List aims to attract qualified individuals who can contribute to this country’s workforce and society by streamlining the recruitment process for these roles. It’s no surprise that applying for a visa can be a stressful endeavour, so simplifying the process can make it more appealing for individuals who meet any of the requirements needed for jobs recognised on the Green List. 

Overall, the Green List can help attract efficient workers to our country, while providing fulfilling jobs for people who want them.

Fast-Tracked Pathways

The Green List is comprised of two tiers of jobs. The first tier, Tier 1, is for Straight to Residence visas. Individuals who meet all requirements for Tier 1 jobs can apply for residency right away, even if they’re still living offshore. This is because these jobs are in such high demand.

A few Tier 1 jobs are chemical engineer, electrical engineer, anaesthetist, veterinarian and food technologist.

The second tier, Tier 2, is for Work to Residence visas. While Tier 2 jobs are still very important, their visa pathway allows workers to work in New Zealand and gives them the chance to apply for residency after two full years of successfully working in their selected occupation. Additionally, individuals paid at least twice the median wage in other roles may also qualify for residency after two years of work. 

A few Tier 2 jobs are anaesthetic technician, sonographer, automotive electrician and registered plumber. 

If you’re curious about whether or not your current job is on the Green List, you can use this convenient tool to narrow down the list and search for your occupation.

If you know about New Zealand’s visa categories, you might be wondering if the Green List differs from the current Skills Shortage List. While they are similar, and many occupations that were on the Skills Shortage List are on the Green List, the Green List is a much smaller and more narrowed-down version of the Skills Shortage List. It prioritises the most in-demand and essential jobs.

It’s also very important to note that the Green List will replace the Skills Shortage List and any jobs on the Skills Shortage List but not the Green List won’t be eligible for the more streamlined pathway to residency or work. However, as mentioned above, other roles that have at least twice the pay of the median wage may be eligible for a Work to Residence pathway. 

The Advantages Of The Green List Category

The Green List is designed to be an advantageous choice and has plenty of benefits for those who are eligible and want to come and live and work in this beautiful country:

  • Stability And Security. A fast pathway to residency offers stability and security to eligible workers, giving them a reliable way to happily and comfortably live their lives in a place where they are needed.
  • Access To Healthcare And Education. Workers who meet all necessary requirements will have access to New Zealand’s healthcare and education systems, ensuring their well-being and giving them an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Enhanced Quality Of Life. New Zealand is considered a very wonderful place to live. With its pristine environment and vibrant culture, there’s certainly something for everyone. For those who love nature’s wonders, you can hike through our stunning locales or even learn how to surf on our sparkling oceans. For those who want to indulge in local culture, you can explore popular areas like Auckland or Christchurch.

Unlocking The Next Chapter In Your Life With The Green List

Regardless of whether or not your job is listed on the Green List, we at Auckland South Immigration Consultants are here to help you understand your visa opportunities and prepare your visa application. 

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