New Zealand may as well be called a land of opportunities with the forecast of continual growth in employment. According to the latest labour market statistics released by Statistics New Zealand, employment, wage and labour force participation growth remain strong. In fact, in the past quarter alone, the employment rate rose to 66.9 percent, a full 2 points increase from the previous year. Salary and wage rates also went up in both private and public sectors. What’s even better is that there are plenty of job offers across all industries that could easily become viable career paths.

If you think it’s time to move onto greener pastures, the first step is to get a New Zealand work visa.

Thriving Industries

Before you get started on your application process, however, see if some of your skills are on the list of skill shortages in New Zealand. This can guarantee to fast track your employment since businesses in all sectors will be actively scouting for workers. Some industries that have both long term and immediate shortages include Agriculture and Forestry, Construction, Engineering, Health and Social Services, Recreational, Hospitality and Tourism, Science and Trades.

Work Visas

There are more than just one type of work visa available for immigrants, but most are given Essential Skills work visas. These are only temporary. To grant you entry into the country, and the duration of your visa will depend largely on the terms of your job offer or the labour market conditions.

If you are set on living permanently in New Zealand and you qualify for a Residence from Work visa, you should be aware of some key changes in the process. The Skilled Migrant Category recently implemented new changes that have somewhat made it harder for migrants to qualify. Immigration New Zealand now requires 160 points or more for an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a sure shot at being considered for residency. If you meet initial requirements, you have two options to gain residence.

The first path is through Accredited Employers that have been pre-approved to hire skilled or talented workers from overseas. Upgrading your temporary visa will require you to prove that you have been employed full-time by an Accredited Employer for at least two years, are currently employed and have a base salary of at least NZ$55,000 per year.

The second option is to get an offer for a job on the Long Term Skill Shortage List. You can be in a position to upgrade to a work to residence visa provided that you have held that visa for at least two years and were employed full-time during that time. You must also have a salary of at least NZ$45,000 yearly and be aged 55 or below.

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