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Are you dreaming of witnessing New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes and diverse culture? Or do you have loved ones in the country you long to visit? Apply for a NZ visitor visa today with Auckland South Immigration Consultants.

With our sound advice and successful track record of visa approvals, your New Zealand adventure is possible. You can freely traverse the stunning landscapes and vigorous cities with a New Zealand multiple entry visa.

Our specialised services in the NZ visitor visa category pave the way for a worry-free and enjoyable trip for you. We are here to guide you whether you’re planning to soak in the North Island’s splendour, pursue business possibilities, or reunite with family or friends.

It’s high time to explore the land of kiwis!

About the Visitor Visa

There are only 60 countries exempt from the NZ Visitor visa. If you are from a visa waiver country, you only need NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) unless you’re an Australian citizen. For the rest of the countries, you will need to apply for a visa before you arrive in NZ. The visa applicant is required to complete the visitor visa sponsorship form for their entry into New Zealand.

Keep in mind that with a temporary visa, you are not allowed to work in New Zealand. A limited-purpose visa may be granted to you if you are attending a wedding, a funeral, a family function, or a sports event during the visit.

Accredited Employer NZ

You must present proof of a ticket with a confirmed departure from New Zealand or the money needed to buy one. Additionally, you are required to establish your positive moral standing and showcase the financial means to sustain yourself and cover your expenses in New Zealand. It is crucial to convince Immigration New Zealand that your intention to visit is genuine and legal.

As Auckland’s leading immigration consultants, we can help you deal with these intricacies and work alongside you throughout the process.

What Activities Are Allowed with a Visitor Visa?

The processing time of the NZ visitor's visa takes about 12 to 30 working days. After acquiring the visa, you are able to:

• Travel to New Zealand as a tourist.

• Visit family or friends.

• Enter New Zealand to get married.

• Play sports or take part in cultural events without pay.

• Short-term study (visitors or students who are of school age may study or attend school for a total of three months for each 12-month period that your visa is valid)

Validity of The Visitor’s Visa NZ

The maximum stay allowed under the visiting visa is 9 months in an 18-month period which is calculated backwards from the last day of your stay in New Zealand. For instance, if your last day in NZ is December 1st, your 18-month term will start on June 1st of the year prior.

You can also apply for dependent child visitor visa

How to Extend A Visitor Visa?

You have the option to extend your visitor visa for an additional 3 months, thereby achieving a cumulative stay of 12 months within a 24-month timeframe, provided that the following conditions are met:

• You need extra time to finish your tourist itinerary.

• Unforeseen circumstances hinder your departure from New Zealand.

• You've submitted the first application for residency.

Benefits Of Working with ASIC

Auckland South Immigration Consultants is aware of the unique requirements of each applicant’s journey. Whether you’re a business professional, an adventurer excited to discover New Zealand, or visiting your loved ones on a dependent child visitor visa, our expert consultants will help you based on your current situation and goals.

Getting a visitor visa to New Zealand may seem tricky, but with Auckland South Immigration Consultants, the process becomes simple. Our team of seasoned professionals is familiar with the complex intricacies of the visitor visa category. We are here to ensure that your application is meticulously prepared, reviewed, and submitted for quick approvals.

We take the time to carefully assess your travel goals during our initial consultations. It helps us create a strategy that is unique to your situation, ensuring success.

We understand that paperwork is tiring, so you may leave it to us and relax. Your application is assembled and put together by our experienced advisers, who make sure that every detail is carefully presented.

Our clients always benefit from our immigration advice. Our aim is to advise you on tailoring your itinerary to ensure that your planned activities are perfectly aligned with visitor visa regulations.

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Acquiring any type of NZ visa requires a complete understanding of the immigration laws and visa policies. At this stage, you need licensed immigration consultants with extensive experience and a proven history of successful application approvals. At ASIC, we aim to alleviate the stress by handling all the complexities involved in the application process.

Contact us today for more information regarding NZ visa fees and other documents you will need during the process.

Atesh Narayan (our licensed immigration adviser) will interview applicants and provide assistance to navigate the visa application process smoothly.


As Auckland’s leading immigration Consultants, we are experts at assisting those who would like to migrate to New Zealand.

Whether it is a skilled migrant visa, work to residence visa, work visa, essential skills work visa, residence visa or something else that you require, our fully licensed immigration advisers can provide you with up to date information  and walk you  through advice.

Below is a list of the visas and migration options that we can help you with.

Work Visa

Visitor Visa

Assists you in coming over to New Zealand for a holiday or to stay in New Zealand temporarily. It is usually for visiting friends and relatives as well as sightseeing or could be for a dependent of a work visa or a student visa holder.

Visitor Visa

Student Visa

This enables a client to gain primary, secondary as well as tertiary education in New Zealand.  Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited liaises with various recognised Tertiary Institutions to assist in career development in many occupations

Student Visa NZ

Work Visa

This could be through a job offer from a New Zealand employer, gaining Study to Work Instructions through a Graduate Job Search Visa or a Graduate work experience visa, joining a New Zealand resident or citizen as a partner or joining a student or work visa holder.

Residence Visa

A resident visa allows you to travel to and enter New Zealand anytime and allows you to stay in New Zealand Indefinitely.

Family/Partner Catagory Visa

Involves all types of visa applications. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

Skilled Migrant Visa

See the new changes to legislation for 2022/23

Paretnal Residence Visa

See the new changes to legislation for 2022/23

Special Cases

Pacific Access Category

New Zealand welcomes a number of citizens from the Pacific to settle in New Zealand each year.

Section 61 - Unlawful overstay

New Zealand welcomes a number of citizens from the Pacific to settle in New Zealand each year.

Domestic Violence

In cases of domestic violence, Immigration New Zealand may grant a special visa to allow continued stay in the country.

Deportation & Appeals

Deportation can be triggered by a number of factors. Let the team at ASIC see your situation and help.

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