Transfer Of Resident Visa

If your current passport has expired, got lost or stolen, or if your name has changed, you need to transfer your valid resident visa to the new passport. For transfer of resident visa to a new passport, you’ll need to fill out the confirmation or transfer of a residence class visa form (INZ 1023), pay the required fee, and provide both your old and new passports.

Visas that are granted through electronic correspondence are referred to as eVisas. Conversely, visa labels are tangible endorsements affixed to your passport. Both types of visas are registered in the New Zealand Immigration system under your passport record.

If you’re shifting your eVisa to the new passport, or if you had a visa label in your old passport and wish to have an eVisa in your new one, there’s no fee. However, if you still want a visa label in your new passport, a fee will be charged.

Feel free to contact ASIC for guidance in visa transfer procedures and other aspects of immigration rules and policies.

Transfer Of Resident Visa To New Passport Explained

Travelling to and from New Zealand with an expired passport is not permissible. For a swift and fee-free visa transfer solution, we recommend opting for an eVisa. This hassle-free process can be conveniently initiated online by completing the “Application for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa” form. You must provide a copy of your new passport and old passport(if available).

Alternatively, if you’re transferring a physical visa to a new visa label, you need to complete the same “Application for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa” form and provide a copy of your new and old passport. Please note, a fee is applicable for this type of visa transfer. It’s worth noting that fees and processing times may vary based on your specific residence visa category.

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Once you complete the online form and payment, send your new passport and a copy of your application confirmation email to Immigration authorities so that your records can be updated.

Key points to consider:

• If your old passport is lost or stolen, you can provide a copy of the police report as evidence that the loss was reported to the concerned department.

If your old passport was not returned when you received your new passport, attaching a cover letter with your application to the immigration authorities is advised.

In the case of a damaged old passport provide a confirmation letter from your embassy or high commission to verify the damage claim.

Name Discrepancy: If your name differs in your old passport, documentary evidence of the name change is required. This can include documents like a marriage certificate or a deed poll.

Multiple Family Members: If you're seeking visa transfers for multiple family members simultaneously, complete separate application forms and deposit fees (if opting for a physical visa label) for each person in the transfer request.

To ensure uninterrupted travel with your foreign passport and secure re-entry as a New Zealand citizen, obtain a New Zealand Citizen Endorsement in your foreign passport before embarking on your journey.

These considerations provide essential insights to facilitate a smooth visa transfer process, aligning with your specific circumstances and requirements. If you have any other questions in mind regarding the visa transfer process you can contact your local immigration consultants for personalised assistance.

If You Don’t Want To Fill Online Application

If online application isn't your preference, you can opt for an offline approach. Simply download and fill out the "Application for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa" (INZ1023) form. Then, send the following documents, along with your completed form, via postal mail to the immigration authorities:

• A certified copy of your old and new passport, if you are seeking an eVisa.

• A certified copy of your old passport, and new passport, if you are seeking a visa label.

• Also, include the processing fee, if you are requesting a visa label.

Alternatively, you can contact ASIC for transfer of resident visa to new passport. Let our immigration consultants complete the application process on your behalf. You just need to provide the required documents and the applicable visa label fee. This way, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our experts handle all the legal formalities and documentation.

Contact ASIC For Immigration and Visa Assistance

For comprehensive immigration and visa assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with ASIC. Our dedicated team of experts is here to provide you with expert guidance and support throughout your visa application journey. Whether you're navigating complex immigration scenarios, seeking visa transfers, or require assistance with securing employer visa, visitor visa, residence visa, pacific access category visa or anything in between, we're committed to ensuring a pain-free process. With ASIC by your side, you can confidently migrate to New Zealand or update your visa, knowing that you have a trusted partner to guide you every step of the way.


As Auckland’s leading immigration Consultants, we are experts at assisting those who would like to migrate to New Zealand.

Whether it is a skilled migrant visa, work to residence visa, work visa, essential skills work visa, residence visa or something else that you require, our fully licensed immigration advisers can provide you with up to date information  and walk you  through advice.

Below is a list of the visas and migration options that we can help you with.

Work Visa

Visitor Visa

Assists you in coming over to New Zealand for a holiday or to stay in New Zealand temporarily. It is usually for visiting friends and relatives as well as sightseeing or could be for a dependent of a work visa or a student visa holder.

Visitor Visa

Student Visa

This enables a client to gain primary, secondary as well as tertiary education in New Zealand.  Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited liaises with various recognised Tertiary Institutions to assist in career development in many occupations

Student Visa NZ

Work Visa

This could be through a job offer from a New Zealand employer, gaining Study to Work Instructions through a Graduate Job Search Visa or a Graduate work experience visa, joining a New Zealand resident or citizen as a partner or joining a student or work visa holder.

Residence Visa

A resident visa allows you to travel to and enter New Zealand anytime and allows you to stay in New Zealand Indefinitely.

Family/Partner Catagory Visa

Involves all types of visa applications. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

Skilled Migrant Visa

See the new changes to legislation for 2022/23

Paretnal Residence Visa

See the new changes to legislation for 2022/23

Special Cases

Pacific Access Category

New Zealand welcomes a number of citizens from the Pacific to settle in New Zealand each year.

Section 61 - Unlawful overstay

New Zealand welcomes a number of citizens from the Pacific to settle in New Zealand each year.

Domestic Violence

In cases of domestic violence, Immigration New Zealand may grant a special visa to allow continued stay in the country.

Deportation & Appeals

Deportation can be triggered by a number of factors. Let the team at ASIC see your situation and help.

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